The Old Town Oncology Clinic has been established with the thought of oncological patients who like to know more about the illnesses they have developed, want to actively participate in the treatment, and make the best of the cutting edge medical developments.

Led by Jacek Calik (MD, PhD), the senior assistant of Clinical Oncology Department at Lower Silesian Oncology Center, the clinic cooperates with the best specialists in the field of surgery, clinical oncology, radiotherapy, and hematology.

We handle a broadly defined diagnostics, treatment activities, and the follow-up observations for the most of tumors.

We are fully aware that it is not a common situation in your oncology clinic to
have sufficient time for exhaustive consultation. The excessive staff rotation in public clinics results in the situation where you do not have your own doctor.
Visit our clinic, we have time for you. We do not need to hurry. You can discuss your current treatment, obtain information on alternative therapeutic possibilities and diagnostic methods.

We will help you find new therapeutic options: clinical tests in international and nation-wide oncology centers included or in another clinic in your city.

We realize that your illness treatment is serious. The diagnosis may differ depending on the doctor you see. As a result you may end up having serious doubts if everything that was possible has actually been done and you are treated in line with the appropriate method. We are here to go through this and show you the right direction.

Our secondary field is the skin diagnosis – the assessment of pigmentation and non-pigmentation lesions and the skin tumor treatment.

Jacek Calik (MD, PhD) is a diagnostics and skin tumor treatment specialist.
For nearly a decade he has been leading a videodermatoscopy laboratory in the DOLMED medical center where the early diagnostics of skin illnesses were carried out. At the same time he has been treating skin tumors at the Lower Silesian Oncology Center using the cutting edge methods, such as chemotherapy, molecular treatment or immunotherapy.

Our main goal is the cancer prevention.  We offer dermatoscopy treatment with the possibility of digital archiving, which is currently the best skin tumor preventive method available.

In our clinic’s surgery office we carry out the surgical lesions removals and diagnostic biopsies. We consult our test results with dr Andrzej Wojnar, a highly experienced pathomorphologist. Our treatments are carried out deftly to meet the high oncological standards which results in reliable hispathological test results obtained in less than a few days’ time. You spare your time normally devoted for waiting for the treatment and a few more weeks for obtaining the hispathological test results.

The prompt diagnostics is a way leading to a faster treatment. And what is more important than your own health?

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