Punch Biopsy

Biopsja sztancowa

It is an alternative method of removing small lesions. Using a circular blade, lesions of diameter ranging up to 3mm can be removed. Lesions cut out by this tool take an ideally cylindrical shape. The tissue removed with punch biopsy is then sent for histopathological testing in pathomorphological laboratory. Note that this is an alternative for the standard surgeries, particularly recommended for the skin areas where surgical scars are to be prevented.

For the lesions where dermatoscopic examination does not bring unambiguous information in terms of their character, punch biopsy comes in handy as it allows confirming histopathological character of such lesions and does not necessitate its total removal. This is particularly useful, for example, when dealing with lesions located on face.
Test results are then followed by the final decision regarding the method of further treatment, for instance surgical cut, laser therapy, cryotherapy or with pharmaceutics.

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