Nowe krótkie terminy na konsultacje hematologiczną

Idąc naprzeciw zapotrzebowaniu naszych pacjentów wprowadziliśmy w naszej ofercie ekspresowy dostęp do specjalisty hematologa. Państwa problemami zajmie się dr Monika Mordak-Domagała jest hematologiem z wieloletnim doświadczeniem.

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Old Town Clinic

Old Town Clinic is an intimate family clinic whose main pillars are the dentistry and oncology due to the specialization that we have.

A pleasant atmosphere of our interiors stems from a sheer belief we have always cherished: as contact with a health service and a health issue itself are both significant stress factors, any additional stress should be consequently mitigated.

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Visit our clinic, we have time for you. We do not need to hurry. You can discuss your current treatment, obtain information on alternative therapeutic possibilities and diagnostic methods.

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The emphasis on reliable examination and comprehensiveness of the treatment meeting in one place. We offer the services in the field of conservative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, dental prosthetics, dental surgery, and dental implantology.

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ul. Wszystkich Świętych 2a

50-136 Wrocław



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